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Terms of use

The CATI must be used without making any alterations to the item phrasing, item order, or response scales, as such changes may affect the reliability and/or validity of the scale. However, you may adapt the general format to adhere to your research protocol (i.e. online survey software).

The CATI is free to use but any research or other output should reference the manuscript outlining its development and validation (see FAQs for suggested citation).

For versions of the CATI in other languages, please see the translations page.

Standard PDF form

A two-page printable version of the CATI designed mainly for paper distribution to participants.

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Fillable PDF form

Identical to the standard form, except that it can be completed in a browser and the responses saved into the PDF and/or printed.

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Enhanced fillable PDF with scoring and interpretation

Similar to the fillable PDF form, but on completion the total-scale and subscale scores are automatically calculated, and the position of the scores relative to data collected from the general population is shown on a third page.

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Scoring key

A scoring guide for the CATI. For each item, labels identify the associations between individual items and subscales, and items that should be reverse-keyed are indicated.

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Qualtrics import file

A version of the CATI designed in Qualtrics that can be imported by other Qualtrics users. Responses are reverse-keyed where necessary, and in-built scoring has been defined to calculate total-scale and subscale scores. See here for a guide on how to import a survey into your account.

Download Qualtrics file